Find asylum approvals issued by the Asylum Service in Greece


The new search platform for all refugees and immigrants in Greece

a new service for searching files of residence approvals

renewal of residency permits, ready-made passports and passport approvals.

19/04/2024 02:07

Last update 19/04/2024 02:07

The new search platform for all refugees and migrants in Greece,  a new file search service

Residency approvals and residency renewals Ready passports and passport approvals.

Which has been approved by the Greek Asylum Service and this data will be permanently and continuously updated from the official website

Availability of the platform to the users

Get search results quickly
And easily search for files that have been approved by the Greek Asylum Service
Search in several languages
Download the approval issued by the Greek Asylum Service directly from the search platform after clicking on the date of approval .

The file results have not yet been released
from the official site,
try again at a later time

It is because the approval has not yet been issued by the Greek Asylum Service .

Or looking for a file before 2020 .

Note the research does not include files before 2020 .

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